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Sugar Stats: Honey Baby Survey 2016

Here’s The Skinny

The Honey Daddy team conducted a 30-day survey of over 2,800 site members to learn more about the benefits of a sugar relationship. All member replies were voiced anonymously and the information was compiled with intent to inform those who are new to the sugar dating world.

Sugar Stat #1: To Work, Or Not To Work…

Contrary to popular belief, most Sugar Babies have a job. Several in some cases. Only a small percentage did not consider themselves gainfully employed. It’s important to note that of the unemployed portion of respondents, many were first-year college students.

Do Sugar Babies Have Jobs

Sugar Stat #2: Balancing Daddies

Nearly 40% of our member base has at least on sugar partner. Trailing close behind are those who wish to enter the sugar bowl. Our ladies claim that gap scheduling makes it easy to balance multiple sugar partners.

How Many Daddies Do Babies Date

Sugar Stat #3: Visits With Daddy

A majority of members spend time with their Honey Daddy at least once per month.

The most common reason: Daddy’s who are on the road for business travel.

Frequency Of Daddy Baby Dates


Sugar Stat #4: Spending Habits

Cash is king! Honey Babies most often need assistance with pricey rent prices and monthly utilities. Shopping and Tuition appear to be a close second and third. A whopping 60% of active Honey Babies within our community are minimum wage earning college students.

Sugar Baby Spending Habits

Sugar Stat #5: Receiving Allowance

A combination of cash and gifts appears to be the preferred method of spoiling our beloved Honey Babies.

Why just give cash when you can gift the newest Chanel Boy?

Cash or gifts for allowances

For further questions or comments regarding the 2016 Sugar Stats survey, please reach out to Emma via email: Emma [at]


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