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Allowance Changes: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Covering potential gifts and allowance with a Sugar Daddy is always assumed to be an awkward discussion but trust us, that’s far from the case! Those who enter the sugar dating realm find that gifts and allowances come with the natural ebb and flow. The Honey Daddy team wants to help those in various stages of the sugar dating game negotiate like a pro.

allowance negotiation step 1

Scenario 1: I’m new to sugar dating, and so is he/she. When do I bring up the sugar talk?

This is probably one of the most frequent questions you’ll spot when searching for advice. We’ve even covered it here in the Honey Daddy blog. The response is simple: go with what feels natural.

Sugar Daddies, it’s great to let Sugar Babies know upfront at what point you feel comfortable bringing up allowances. Be clear about your expectations, personal or otherwise, so that an allowance is not dangled like a carrot. Instead, gifts should be given out of desire to support a companion.

Avoid low-balling, and be mindful of details such as a Sugar Baby who’s in school versus a one who’s attempting to start a business. The needs are different in each scenario.

Sugar Babies, if you tried the “hint method” for sake of politeness, your Potential or POT Daddy may be uncomfortable having the chat until he gets a better feel for your relationship. Be willing to compromise to an extent, and remember anything that’s offered is more than what you had walking into the conversation. But don’t sell yourself short.

There’s also possibility that you’re not being direct enough. Guys like simplicity. Let him know you’re ready to set the bar.  A good rule of thumb is if Mr. POT hasn’t brought the topic up after 3 dates feel free to ask Sugar Babies.


allowance negotiation step 2

Scenario 2: I’ve had/given an allowance but it’s time for an increase. How do I address this?

Let’s start with Sugar Babies. Remember that first and foremost, your interaction with any Sugar Daddy (or Mama) involves a mix of dating and gift exchanges. A Sugar Daddy (or Mama) is not responsible for paying your rent, your kid’s private schooling, and your weekly nail appointments.

Sugar exists as a supplement, a sprinkle of extra in this game called life. Your Sugar Daddy worked hard for his earnings (in most cases) and unless an increase was an option he brought up, proceed with caution.

Consider yourself green-lighted if you’re running more errands for Daddy, planning more date nights, or anything else that accounts for extra time/resources/energy etc. Let Daddy know what you’re willing to do in exchange (an extra weekly back rub, occasional home cooked meals, or an occasional gift) and by approaching the request as an investment or mutually beneficial decision, then the inner businessman is sure to positively respond.

If the reply is negative, assess if you’re double dipping into the honey pot. Or worse, if you’re dealing with a salt daddy who needs to be replaced ASAP.

Sugar Daddies, this conversation is extremely awkward for your Sugar Baby. If he/she’s struggling to ask the allowance question, invite them to share what’s changed in the relationship. If you know in your gut that it’s been pro-you from day one, sharing a few extra bucks will not kill you. Aim to keep things positive from both ends of the relationship.


allowance negotiation step 3

Scenario 3: The sugar is drying up.

This one is tough because it varies from relationship to relationship. Sugar Babies, you know if something has changed. You can tell by how you Sugar Daddy (or Mama) looks at you or the tone of conversations. If Daddy is the vocal type you will likely be flat-out told to your face.

When things are headed in a negative direction, be the bigger person and continue searching for your ideal arrangement.

On the opposite end, if Daddy turns out to not be as wealthy as he initially portrayed being then save him the excess spending and avoid rinsing behaviors. There’s no need to milk him for expensive trinkets and pocket cash when there are plenty of other Sugar Daddies who are ready and willing to spoil with no limits. A good man does not deserve to be screwed over.

And lastly, Daddies, if the relationship is going sour please say something the moment you’re getting the ‘ick’ feeling. The sooner you say something, the less tear-filled drama you will have to deal with in the future. Focus on your career. Sugar isn’t going anywhere. 😉


What advice do you have for those about to have the money talk?


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