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It’s A Wrap: 5 Signs Your Date Is Over

The first date is (usually) as smooth as butter with few hiccups until months after the honeymoon phase.

But we’ve all had the date where who you meet face-to-face doesn’t quite match up with the perfectly composed profile. Read on to learn when to end your date night early for Honey Daddies and Babies alike.

Bad Date #1: Someone Was Late

someone was late

Tardiness is bound to ruin any first impression. It’s safe to say that unless you’ve got a serious family emergency, being late says: I don’t care.

Honey Daddies (and Mama’s) should be particularly careful with this potential faux pas because a Honey Baby could take this as a preview to their sugar relationship with you. And vice-versa. When the time comes to talk agreements it’s not only your schedule that’s up for
consideration, but a Honey Baby’s as well.

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