Are you looking to start hanging out with the wealthy? Brush up on these key skills to connect with the upper-class.

Broke, Single, & Ready To Mingle!

We all have want to be successful in life. For some, success is only topped with the rich, creamy helping of a wealthy partner.

We surveyed members and rounded up the top three tips for landing Mister (or Miss) Bigs. Learn how to navigate social circles of the wealthy like a pro and land the benefactor your heart desires.

Brush Up On Your Notes


First of all, catching the attention of a wealthy man (or woman) beckons the need to do some homework. You can’t walk into a social gathering and know every face in the room’s life story. Deciding who you want to approach takes time, and very careful consideration.

Furthermore, take time to learn the pattern of who throws the local get-togethers your desired guy frequents. You’ll find that sharing common interests with your special someone will help to avoid awkward dinner dates. Does he have children? Perhaps he would enjoy more ‘adult’ functions where he can relax and let loose. Does he have a history of family illness? Perhaps he’s the charity or 5k marathon type.

Googling a name opens the door to bio pages, news snippets, and social circle connections. Be open to common interests that will make your next potential (POT) Daddy take notice when it’s time for the first date!


Mind Your Manners


Seems like this one is a no-brainer. If you’re invited to dinner, dress and carry yourself presentably. If possible, ask what the attire is for an event before going through the hassle of getting dolled up. 

When in a restaurant or accompanying your POT to a formal event, remember that you will be the focus of his attention the entire evening. Don’t let the pressure get to you!

Many single Sugar Daddies would prefer to be treated respectfully like anyone else. Try and keep outbursts to a minimum and actively listen when he speaks so that you’re able to reply with conversation-contributing questions or follow-up replies.


Be Memorable


The best was saved for last and here’s why: being the person who can flawlessly ease in and out of conversation will be your saving grace as you continue to navigate well-to-do circles.

Because safety comes in numbers, novels could probably be written about the overlapping vacations, love affairs, and business pursuits of upper class social circles. I mean, The Great Gatsby is a breathing example! The key to mastering this skill is to go in with 3 key traits:

  • something about your life
  • something about your career
  • a personal hobby

For example: I grew up in Yonkers. I taught visual design classes in Paris. And lastly, I adore volunteering to feed the homeless.

With this method, you’re likely to capture the attention of your POT Daddy during initial hellos using your sense of diversity. As soon as Mr/Ms potential asks “would you like to grab a drink”  consider the threshold cleared.


Keep in mind, the upper-class are always weary of someone who appears unfamiliar or does not come vetted by an established member of the inner circle. Keep your white lies to a minimum and only give specifics when pressured.

If you can’t pull up a Facebook photo or justify a claim with a quick Google search, it’s not worth adding to the story. White lies become mountainous fibs and can quickly depreciate your stock-worthy-ness when establishing a connection with “Mr. Big” my eager sugar dears.


What advice do you have for those trying to mix and mingle with the upper class?


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