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Date Two: 4 Sure Signs You’re In The Clear

The first date may get you through the door, but date two can help you seal the deal! 

Nothing says this is a good thing like spending one-on-one time with someone who enjoys your company as much as you enjoy theirs. Sugar dating, like any other form of dating, needs chemistry to seal the deal. Look out for these top signs and give yourself the all-clear to claim that second date.

The Kiss

date two - the kiss

The kiss should happen at the end of a solid first date (ideally). But when considering date two, it should be the first item to review on your list. A first kiss often says what words cannot. This may sound crazy, but bear with me here.

If the kisser/kissee is aggressive and over confident, you know you’ve got a hefty personality to deal with in the future. If the kiss is slow and passionate, you’re both on the same page with each other. A good kiss should create an electric feeling from head to toe. You should lose yourself in the moment. Not pull away to wipe your face from a tongue bath.


Bangworthy—Or Nah?


This one is pretty self-explanatory. If the chemistry is there, then date number two is definitely going to happen.

If nothing else, for the much anticipated bang.


The Conversation

date two - the conversation

We’ve all had conversations that seem to go on with no clear ending in sight. You’d rather stab your eye with a fork than hear one more “this one time, at band camp…”.

Bright news is, conversations exist that will keep you so tuned-in you lose track of time. When you have those lose-yourself-in-the-moment talks, you’re in good company.


You Crave More

date two - you want more

There’s this certain something. You’re not sure if it’s her laugh, her smile, or that funny way she scrunches up her nose when she laughs at your jokes. One thing is for sure, you can‘t get enough of this girl and you’re honestly left begging for more.

Don’t deprive yourself. This is the most reliable sign that it’s all systems go. So pick up the phone, and ask for that second date!


What advice would you include for those contemplating date number two?

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