Sex On The Very First Date? We Dig It.

The first date always begins as a gamble.  Sex is naturally the next step after a candlelit dinner and great conversation. Oh, and let’s not forget those nerve-cooling drinks. Both parties are on their best behavior and in special cases, the initial attraction is red hot.

Many Honey Daddy members have questioned if the first date hookup is even justifiable? Some may argue no, but we argue yes and here’s our reasons why:

1. Long-Term Isn’t For Everyone


There are those who believe the essence of their sex life is a constant need to find marriage. As a result, the issue with this belief is that there are some people who lack the desire, patience or overall stability to invest in a long-term relationship. And I’m sure you’ve heard of the “natural cheaters” argument…

Some pro’s of the long-term sugar option are knowing who your partner is spending their quality time with. Including both in and out of the bedroom. For others, there is a sheer thrill that comes with imagining a partner with other people. If you find yourself wondering what the world has to offer, sex on the first date is certainly justified.

2. Knock Those Rocks


We’ve all heard the saying “get your rocks off” and it could possibly ring true. According to WebMD, the average guy under 60 years of age either thinks of, or fantasizes about sex at least once per day. More data from WebMD suggests that ladies are much less “rigid” about whom they fall for. Including how far they want to go with a partner.

Guys can spot a beautiful woman, and quickly decipher if this is someone they wish to enjoy for a night or a lifetime. Women are a bit more “fluid” having the ability to fully enjoy a same-sex experience as much as they would an opposite-sex encounter. All things considered, this leaves plenty of opportunity for both parties to be open to first date hookups. I mean hey, our behaviors are no more than our naturally-programmed needs.

3. Sex & That Certain “Feeling”

Hi Beautiful

This concept is a little more abstract, but some of you probably know what I’m talking about.

From the first time you meet that other person the vibe between you two is just-right. There’s no underlying tensions, and you’re each in a ‘current relationship status’ that the other is comfortable with.

Naturally, when the conversation is in sync, and the vibes feel just right, the bedroom becomes a natural next step. I warn that this may not be the flow for every relationship. But those who have been around-the-block are sure to know when the beginnings of a good thing is seated in front of you!


Are you pro sex on the first date? Why or why not?

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