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Gift Giving: 5 Tips That Will Save Your Ass

Gift and allowance decisions are a much anticipated conversation between sugar sponsors and their Honey Babies. I wanted to lay out some key thoughts to keep in mind when deciding which route is the best choice within your own sugar relationship.

Gift Exchange Vs. Allowance

Before making up your mind, there are two thoughts to consider. Gift-giving presents an gifts vs allowanceopportunity for surprise. Your Honey Baby is going to flip when that carefully wrapped box has the brand of handbag, makeup, etc. they’ve been raving about. Gift-giving is also an intimate exercise within the sugar relationship and keeps things feeling new.

Allowances are best for those who have long-term interest in mind. Covering big ticket items such as tuition and monthly bills establishes a sense of trust and is best for relationships that are less impromptu and more tightly scheduled.

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