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Holiday Gift Guide: 2016 Sugar Baby Edition

Seasons greetings! Winter is officially here and with the change of the seasons comes a serious need to share the holiday cheer. Members sent their holiday shopping queries and we’re here to help!

Let’s walk through the most common questions and point you in the right direction for hitting your partner’s sweet spot this holiday season.

Holiday Shopping Scenario #1: “My SD and I have been together for the last year. This is our first x-mas together, and I want to set the tone for years to come. What’s a good starter gift?


The first year is always the toughest for a newly budding sugar relationship. Instead of focusing on how badly you want to ‘wow’ this new partner, opt for leaving an impression of who you are.

This may sound kind of abstract, but let me explain.

When you’re dating someone who has the credit, and financial means to buy themself whatever they want, whenever they want, it becomes tougher to satisfy this type of person with material things. Instead, opt for soul-warming gifts like buying a modern re-make of his favorite childhood toy or tickets to see his favorite comedian. And if you really want to hit the warm and fuzzy, cook him that meal ‘mom used to make’ to really seal the deal!


Holiday Shopping Scenario #2: “I’m on a budget. We’re talking ramen five nights per week broke. Daddy has been good to me and all but we just started dating in the last week or so…. Am I in the clear for exchanging gifts? Or should I hold that thought for next year…?”


Don’t get caught up in the credit-wrecking hype of the holidays. If you know that you’re on a budget but really want to show that you appreciate all he’s done, this is the time to get creative.

My personal fave is to buy the body ribbon and serve myself up on a silver platter. Lace undies optional. If you’re feeling less risque, offer a sensual massage ending with Daddy’s favorite dessert and a bottle of reasonably priced champagne.

The joy of the holidays lies in whom you spend time with. Once all family visits and appearances are done, Daddy might be in the mood for some good ol’ Netflix and Chill. And we’re certain you’ll be the one he wants to spend time with. 😉


Holiday Shopping Scenario #3: “I bought Daddy a gift, but recently found out he bought something similar for himself during the Black Friday sales. HELP! Idk what to do!”


There’s nothing worse than shopping for hours to find the perfect gift, only to find out weeks later that the giftee beat you to the punch. It happens. But I encourage you to look at it this way: you know his taste.

That means you’re very capable of pulling off the perfect gift round 02. If you’re lucky, the item that was second on your list has gone on sale at this point.

There’s never a need to panic when it comes to gift giving. There are tons of blogs, trend experts, and personal shoppers who can help you nail down the perfect present. At the worst, you can opt for a nice bottle of wine and home cooked/catered dinner to show good faith.

2016’s Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas For Any-daddy:

  1. Whiskey / Bourbon/Liquor
  2. Monthly Subscriptions
  3. Plush Lounging Robe
  4. Beer Brewing Kit
  5. Amazon Echo



What other holiday shopping questions do you have for Alyssa and the Honey Daddy Team?

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