Married Honey Mama

Honey Mama Romance Etiquitte

Dating an older, financially-secure woman is an exciting experience that calls for its own set of rules.

The Honey Mama relationship can divert in two directions. The first is that of the blissfully single woman who’s open about her sexuality and maintains a rotating list of eligible cubs. The second Honey Mama type is involved in a public relationship of some sort.

For the latter option, any hint of there being an extra someone could hurt your pockets as much as hers, with the exception of open marriages. Those steamy late nights and random weekend getaways shouldn’t have to end.

Let our sugar specialists help you keep the spark alive with the Honey Mama you can’t get enough of.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

We all know that a really good situation can get messy the moment emotions play a role in decision-making. When the Honey Mama your heart desires is in a long-term relationship that she has no intent of leaving, your jealousy will need to be tamed.

Outbursts, aggressive actions, or mind-games that could threaten her marriage or public relationship are not okay. This bit of advice applies to Honey Daddies as well — being disrespectful works both ways.

This can totally be avoided if you know for a fact that you’re someone who makes bad decisions when emotionally charged. Traits such as possessiveness or impatience not only make you look immature, but totally throw off what makes your relationship such a treat for her. You are her escape from reality. Don’t become a new dose of drama in her life.

Be Aware of Schedules

If your weekly meet-up time is Fridays from 7pm to 10 pm, then make sure you’re there on time. Its likely that she’s carving valuable time from her schedule to unwind with you. And if there’s gift-giving involved, you’ve basically just given her a slap in the face. Timeliness shows that you are organized, understand her needs, and appreciate all that she does — or could do for you.

For those playing it close hooking up in your Honey Mama’s home or workplace, be aware of factors such as house staff or when kids get in from school. These minor details can help you to avoid painful blow-ups with spouses or family members.

Honey Mama’s Hate Clingy

Sugar dating, much like non-sugared dating involves a certain level of claiming a significant other. Much like the emotional preparedness aspect noted above, you have to understand that sugar brings its own set of rules. It’s very common for a Sugar Mama to juggle a handful of potential interests.

It’s okay to leave the occasional jacket or t-shirt after a night of fun. But serious no-no’s include leaving a toothbrush or sleeping over with no pre-discussed invitation. You each have your own lives and she’s likely taking the lead on how close you two will actually get.

In conclusion Honey Mama’s (and Daddy’s) are usually quite clear on their expectations from the get-go. There are always instances where something more serious develops, but this varies from case-to-case. Listen to what she’s saying her needs are, and be aware of your own needs as well. The moment that ‘just-right’ balance of intimacy and fun is disrupted usually marks when the sugar fun comes to an end.


What advice would you share with cubs seeking their own sultry cougar?


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