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Landing Your Own Long-Haul Sugar Relationship

The idea of dedicating a majority of your life to Sugar could sound daunting, but if you’re up for the challenge the rewards are life-changing. Some relationships last a lifetime, others lead to marriage.

Your happiness is our goal, and that means gathering tips from the best. We’ve tapped some in-the-know Sugar Babies to learn what works when trying to land your own long-term Sugar arrangement.


Sugar Tip #1: Be Genuine

Cut the crap.

When long-term dating becomes a possibility, there’s nothing worse than being fake. There is however, a difference between being fake and being agreeable. For example, Daddy says he wants steaks for dinner and you had your eye on lobster. Compromising and giving a green light for steaks this go round with a promise of lobster next time easily addresses the issue.

Signs of being fake include taking advantage of the fact you have a Sugar Daddy who’s a bit gullible, and telling him you love him when in actuality you just want an allowance bump. Cut the crap and just tell him you’d like more sugar! Honesty is always respected.


Sugar Tip #2: Make Sure The Interest Is Mutual

Are you REALLY into him?

Any relationship can quickly fizzle out if the interest is too one-sided. Try to make sure you’re connecting with someone you actually share interests with. Having some interests that are unique to one of you, and not the other is by all means okay.

This piece of advice also rings true for Sugar Daddies (and Mamas). Leading someone on past the expiration date of your interest always ends sour. Without realizing it, sometimes people become disrespectful to someone when there’s genuinely no mutual interest. Try to keep things transparent. This will open the window of opportunity to reconnect later.


Sugar Tip #3: Don’t Blow Off The Prenup

Don't be stupid.

For those lucky enough to progress to marriage, don’t let a prenup become your make it or break it factor. Prenups expire in some states after 10 years or more in cases similar to famed comedian Chris Rock. There are also odd instances where both parties mutually decide to end the agreement, which many forget is a contract.

Just think, if your Honey Daddy (or Mama) has spent a lifetime building their fortune, or running a business that’s shared with family, friends, or their own children these are valuable assets that must be protected. Divorce and family disputes often bring out the worst in people and if anything, you should view this agreement as your significant other trying to remain responsible for their decisions. Including those that may have taken place before you two crossed paths.


What advice would you pass to long-term sugar-seeking Honey Babies?


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