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Married Men: The Good, The Bad, & The Honey

Having fun with married men can have its consequences—and some deliciously fun perks.

An estimated 60% of affairs begin in the workplace. And often times, when a man initiates an affair, he’s still in love with his wife. Emotions can easily add layers to a sugar affair, but those who have been in these situations before will tell you it’s not so easy.

Let’s cover the good, the bad, and the Honey involved with balancing marriage and sugar.

Married Men: The Good

married men: the good

Whatever you call it: affair, tryst, hook-up, casual connection, side piece etc. When things are good, they’re really good. The need for trust and discretion is established upfront and any relationship hang-ups you may have had in the past are totally unhinged.

Guys who are married are often prone to the relationship rut. Little to no sex combined with a partner who has remote interest equals relationship suicide. The Honey Daddies tend to seek qualities their partner does not have.

For example, your Honey Daddy works demanding 45-hour weeks yet has a partner who prefers shopping over a 9-5. Pulling weight in a marriage can be demanding and finding mental reprieve with someone who is say, launching a small business fulfills a sense of balance. For the most part, this works if there’s also a nice dose of fantasy.




Married Men: The Bad

married men: the badThe downside of sugaring with a married guy is the fact that by day, he’s living a different life.

His job demands him for leadership. His wife and possible family need him for bills, vacations and parent-teacher conferences. A text or call can take hours to get back to. This leads to feeling ignored or constantly being placed on hold.

Try to keep things sweet. These actions are never out of spite. His life is simply filled with responsibilities. Hence the reason he seeks a break with you. Your connection with a Honey Daddy will require a sense of balance. Too much neediness will scream that you’re clingy. And being too aloof looks like you could care less. Then what’s the point? Learning the ebb and flow of each other’s schedules will help you to establish a place in this guy’s life.




Married Men: The Honey

shutterstock_449179513We’ve found that many of our Honey Daddies are legally separated, considering divorce, or have arranged an open relationship with their partner. For some, the absence makes the heart fonder approach can result in a spousal reunion. For others, the sugar will continue on.

Even if you find yourself falling head-over-heels for your Honey Daddy, remember that you have an arrangement. He’s craving intimacy, adventure, and a sense of escape. You are seeking fiscal support and companionship. Nowhere in that explanation is a demand for commitments.

Unless your Honey Daddy has officially gone through with a divorce and is serious about dating again, try to keep things casual. Emotions are rocked when a husband and wife have to admit that they are no longer interested in each other. Sugaring not only helps with your expenses, but also teaches you to remain in-control of your emotions.

What advice would you give to someone who’s considering a married Honey Daddy?

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