School Meets Sugar: 4 Flawless Schedule Tips

School costs money. Sugar pays for school. Both activities are bound to take up time in a jam-packed school schedule. So just what is a Honey Babe to do?

Take note of these four scheduling tips that will help you manage your time like a pro.

Schedule Tip #1: Learn To Say “No”

Sometimes in order to get a lot done, you have to acknowledge when there’s already enough on your plate. You are not an amoeba that can split in half when you need to be two places at once. So, learn to budget your time wisely.

To be physically present for an activity or meet up but not mentally will be abundantly clear to whomever you’re spending time with. Try foregoing some responsibilities for the next sorority party. Or maybe schedule drinks with friends on Saturday to free up your Friday night for Daddy. These small adjustments relieve tons of unnecessary stress.


Schedule Tip #2: Time Gaps Are Your Friend

Once classes are selected and your schedule is a go, your courses will move forward like a well-oiled machine. You should soon get a feel for when you have lunch, what classes start late, etc. This frees up time to plan for what works with your Honey Daddy.

For example, maybe Daddy’s free time lands around noon Mondays and Wednesdays. That could work because your classes are done by 11:30 and you’re usually ready to grab a midday lunch. Timing your schedule gaps shows Daddy that you take his time as seriously as your own.


Schedule Tip #3: Establish Consistency

There’s nothing more stressful than not knowing what you’re responsible for getting done day-to-day. Simple tricks like the app Fantastical for iOS users or CloudCal for those who prefer Android will find that these tools are great for prioritizing your daily tasks. Simple things like setting reminders, and incorporating in-the-moment necessities like maps for locations will keep you on track.

Establishing an at-a-glance view of your day is great for handling the off-guard moments when Daddy calls and says his afternoon just opened up. You can quickly offer a mutual time and calculate those fringe factors like commuting or if you need to stop for a quick shower after your evening run.

Schedule Tip #4: Block Time For Y-O-U

We get that with sugar comes a desire to satisfy your Honey Daddy’s needs so that he can extend support your way. But no healthy sugar relationship can continue without a sense of balance. That ultimately means feeling like you put your best self first!

Late nights are fun, but making sure you consistently getting a good night’s sleep, balance classwork, and study group times will keep your stress levels low. Constantly scrambling from one activity to the next rubs off as immature and unfocused.

Take care of yourself—then let Daddy take care of the rest!


What advice would you give to sugar babies struggling to balance school with dating?

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