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Search Tips: Finding The Right Match

The Honey Daddy site was established as a shortcut to help you find the best sugar matches with zero time wasted during your search. To make sure you’re getting the most out of your sugar pursuit, I’ve put together this handy guide to keep you buzzing in the right direction!

The Basic Search

search homepage


When you log into your Honey Daddy account, the first thing you’ll see is our dashboard. This area is packed with handy information and is a hub to get you in front of your matches. You’ll immediately see the smiling faces of real-life members.

Included on the home page are the general search features which include age, location, distance, ethnicity, and allowance range. Each menu includes checkboxes and sliders to fine-tune your needs. Using the general search options will cast the widest net for viewing matches.

Along the top portion of the screen you’ll also see notifications for messages, recent favorites and important announcements from Honey Daddy.


Browse Options

search - browse options

The general search fields (age, location, distance, ethnicity, and allowance) will each adjust your displayed results in real-time. Did you make selections that don’t seem to have applied? Make sure you hit save! Saving your selections tells our algorithm to do its thing and present your best matches.

Are you interested in viewing all members? Select “Any” for the age and distance. Select “United States” for the location (or your home country). Then choose “All” for the ethnicity types, and “Negotiable” for allowance. You should then be able to view every single member in our community!


Sort Options

search - sort options

Let’s say you’ve picked a specific, age, location, distance, ethnicity, and allowance range. Your results should be looking pretty good! Take your search to the next level by selecting the sort drop-down menu.

Sort options include arranging profiles by distance, last login, and newest members who join the community. Its great to see members who fit your needs, and it’s even better to see someone who’s conveniently close by. Do I hear coffee date?!


Advanced Filters

search - advanced filters


The advanced filter menu can be a bit tricky to spot. You’ll want to look for the icon on the upper right hand side that includes 3 lines with red dots. Advanced filters help you really get down to the nitty-gritty of your matches. You can omit any profiles that do not have a profile photo. Or even better, view VIP members only.

Remember, non-VIP members have limited message visability. So don’t get bummed if you don’t see a reply right away. VIP members are the creme de la creme and are most likely to reply immediately. The advanced filter area is also where you can search for members by nickname in case there’s someone on your mind that you’ve been too shy to start a conversation with.


Get out there and meet your honey picks!

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