Sex Position & Sugar Needs

Sex Positions & Defining Your Sugar Style

You’ve had one or two dates, and the interest is definitely there. You guys are ready to run to the bedroom, but you pause and wonder — which move should I start with?  Believe it or not, the standard missionary position isn’t the first that crosses most people’s minds. And we are  convinced that your favorite go-to move says a lot about how you may approach sugar dating.

Position 1: Start With A “Blow”

Some like to kick things off with an up close and personal introduction. It’s arguable that blowjobs, fingering, etc. tend to take up time. The truth is that these moves actually build trust and anticipation.

Sugar Babies who start with blowjobs are more likely to think through important decisions. They will consider a Sugar Daddies feelings and always aim to please. Sugar Daddies who are comfortable starting with a blowjob crave intimacy to a point where there’s no such thing as too close. That’s never a bad thing!


Position 2: Standing Ovation

Why lay down when you can stand up? Sugar Daddies tend to take the lead in this position. But that’s never an absolute. Standing face-to-face creates a sense of power-play. Sugar Daddy roughs Baby against the wall. A kiss on the neck here, a nibble there. If the chemistry is just right, the entire experience can be incredibly exciting.

Relationships where standing positions become the norm implies that there are two very dominant personalities. Remember to offer some give and take by switching up activities that happen outside of the bedroom. Your goal should be to please each other and offer balance.


Position 3: Around The House Props

Some couples can’t keep the action contained in the bedroom! Sex is bound to happen anywhere – a chair, on top of an active washer, or even the dining room table! Room-hopping arrangement seekers tend to live life on the edge. Impromptu vacations, splurge shopping trips…the bigger the better. Spontaneous sex can easily point towards a relationship that’s open to surprises.

Sugar Babies should aim to keep things steady by creating high-energy and low-energy moments to share with each other. And Sugar Daddies, remember gifts are great but sometimes a spontaneous home-cooked dinner or intimate massage can create that sense of out-of-control bliss that you’re both so fond of.


Position 4: The Cowgirl

Standard or Reverse it doesn’t matter — this girl knows what she wants! The Cowgirl position requires confidence, balance, and an immediate sense of trust on the Sugar Daddies part. Sugar Daddies who find that this is the go-to choice of their beloved Sugar Babe will find that her confidence is high both in and out of the bedroom!

This is no shy girl. Sugar Babies who shamelessly go for the Cowgirl crave space to shine, but also need the gentle guidance of a level-headed Sugar Daddy. A little patience can go a long way. 😉


Position 5: The Doggy

This is by far our favorite position! It’s great for those times when Daddy has had a rough day at work and needs a good pick me up. Doggy Style is also excellent for Sugar Babies who want to feel a bit roughed up or slightly out of control.

This position gets bonus points for sugar seekers who feel like they’re in a rut and want to rebuild intimacy. It works just as well for those who want to have one of those get-it-out-your-system nights. Opting for the Doggy means you’re someone who is seeking fun, but also appreciate some level of intimacy.


What’s your favorite position? Tell us what you love about it!

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