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Splenda Daddy: Climbing The Sugar Ladder

The holidays drawing near entices a certain crowd we affectionately refer to as the Splenda Daddy. Their hearts are in the right place, but their wallets cannot keep up!

To aim your dating profile towards top-of-the-line sugar, I’ve rounded up some key signs to look out for when deciding if you can make pearls from swine.

Something’s off…but you can’t define it.

splenda daddy - definition


Definition: A Splenda Daddy is a man who wants to give but lacks the capital to give on the level of a true Sugar Daddy. He’s nowhere near the level of a Honey Daddy, but has potential to get there someday.

Simple and plain: he’s on a budget and you’re gonna feel it.


Splenda Daddy x Finances = Yuck.



The Daddy who wants to be seen everywhere but often runs into questionable declined credit card charges should raise red flags. Guys with this spending outlook are headed for disaster.

We find that this habit has a way of appearing right around the holiday season…

TV commercials highlighting sales, deep discounts, and exclusive member specials are more than enough to get the shopping ball rolling. Daddy will be quick to brag about his newest splurge, but uh, your allowance is coming next week. Is that ok?

Less = More Philosophy

splenda daddy - less is more

2-for-1 box wines are on sale at Target? Sounds like a Netflix and chill kinda night!

Some ladies out there might shout ‘yay,’ but there’s bound to be a few who say ‘this again?’

Splenda Daddies know that spending less with bulk purchases means he’s getting the most bang for his buck. Sometimes, twofers really are a deal. But when it comes to sugar dating, substitutes and two-for-ones make things sticky. Examples include:

-Dinner as substitute for allowance
-A gift that’s cheaper than your usual allowance
-Hanging out less than your usual full-time, resulting in a shorted allowance.

You get the idea from here…

Weigh Your Options

splenda daddy - weigh options


Before tossing Daddy like last week’s news, consider the full picture. Some guys are going through major transitional periods such as divorce or custody battles. These are pricey ongoings that can even cause assets to freeze.

Additionally, if you have no other sugar options lined up then a Sugar Daddy with a budget is better than no sugar at all. Before you catch the Christian Greys, it’s going to take a couple of Tony’s-from-the-block. If you catch my drift.

Keep your options open ladies, and enjoy the best this honey holiday season has to bring!

What advice would you give to honey babies sifting #splenda?


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