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Sugar Baby Allowance Guide: 3 Essential Tips

Money makes the world go round. The sugar world, that is. From the San Francisco Bay to New York City Sugar Baby allowances remain a hot topic. Let’s cover how to make that dream a reality.

Crunching the numbers on a perfect sugar budget begins with figuring out exactly how much money you need. Los Angeles area Sugar Babies for example, report a need of 1,500-2,500 on average. Your own need will vary based on living arrangements, bills, major commitments, etc.

Once the magic number is in your head, that’s where the following steps come in…


Sugar Baby Allowance Tip #1: Find The Right Sugar Daddy

Finding the right Sugar Daddy is more than finding the right match per se. If you’re a Sugar Baby living in San Francisco and you attract a Sugar Daddy living in Montana, your sugar ideals could be night and day. Try to not immediately take offense to offers, keep in mind that you’re just living in different regions with varied prices of living.

Opt for a Daddy who lives in an area that’s equivalent to, or pricier than your own. This decision assists with buffering low-ball offers and keeps you at or above your preferred budget.


Sugar Baby Allowance Tip #2: Meet Me, Pay Me

sugar baby allowance - time is money
Each Sugar Daddy ultimately has his own approach to sugar relationships. Some prefer a set schedule, others prefer the “when I’m in town” approach. Regardless of where your relationship lies on the spectrum, make sure it’s clarified how and when you will receive your allowance.


Some prefer to use sites like Amazon to create a wish list. Others process payments through apps like PayPal or PopMoney. It’s ultimately whatever works for you. Just a quick note, Sugar Babies who deal with foreign currency conversions should calculate any loss from currency conversion. Either opt for cash, bank transfers, or have daddy transfer a little extra to pad the difference.


Sugar Baby Allowance Tip #3: Value Your Time

sugar baby allowance - time









This tip applies to both Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies alike. Time
really is money. Daddies, if you notice that you’re feeling a bit needy this month, politely give your sugar baby a heads up. Keep in mind that as time is requested, the sacrifice could be altering work schedules, pushing back classwork, etc. which could possibly affect reliable income.


Delaying a task means time needs to be reallocated at a later time. Sugar Daddies, if you find that your occasional meet-ups really aren’t enough, consider options such as flying your Sugar Baby into town or considering a full or partial live-in arrangement. This keeps both parties happy and makes sure you’re both able to live your normal day-to-day life.





What advice would you add to our sugar baby allowance guide?

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