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Sugar Daddy Dating: Top 4 Trends Of 2017

We’re just calling it as we see it! Take note of our top four picks for Sugar Daddy dating trends.

Sugar Daddy Dating Top Pick: Melania & Donald Trump

sugar daddy dating trump

The United States not only has a new President leading the nation. We have a leading Sugar Baby who has pulled off the ultimate feat: becoming the First Lady of the United States of America. *slow clap*

Many doubted Trumps ability to snag the office, but he did it, bringing trophy wife Melania in tow. We’ve seen her channeling serious Jackie O. vibes. And recently, she’s somehow managed to get the uber-luxe Trump Tower all to herself. 🤔


50 Shades Darker

sugar daddy dating 50 shades darker

Right on time for Valentine’s Day and the turn of spring is 50 Shades Darker. If you weren’t all too keen about the BDSM-esque series before, you’ll really pull your hair out now.

This announcement is not entirely bad though. We totally appreciate the opportunity for sugar dating to become a norm. The sugar lifestyle has been happening for centuries–so why can’t we see it on the silver screen?

If it makes you feel any better, we’re considering a midday matinee because it feels so much better to spend $8 on total crap than $15.

Tuition for College Students

sugar daddy dating college university student

Tuition is expensive. Guess what? It’s only getting higher from here.

Consider that new tuition bill all the more reason to find a Sugar Daddy/ Mama. You’re going to hear about this trend year, after year, after year….


Sexuality Is Becoming More “Open”

sugar daddy dating LGBTQ

This particular trend comes as no surprise. With different LGBTQ issues rising in politics, you’re bound to come across these conversations. supports finding love of all kinds. Within our own community are Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mama members who seek partners of the sugar persuasion. And we can assure you, those partners come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and you guessed it, orientations.

Trust us, we’re not here to yuck your yum.


What sugar daddy dating trends do you see rising in 2017?

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