Sugar Dating vs Escorts

Member Spotlight: Sugar Dating Vs. Escorts

Hello Honeys!

Alyssa here. We usually try to stick with trending topics, but we received an awesome email from a member who wanted to share their take on the positives surrounding sugar dating and why escorts equal nothing but trouble.

Letter from Michael:

Hey Honey Daddy Team,

I wanted to kick off by saying I love the site! I signed up with you guys pretty early-on and had to wait a while—but it’s totally been worth it! I find that as I’m introducing myself around the site there are some ladies who are pretty new to the sugar dating concept, and others who have been rolling through the bowl as long as they can remember.

For members that are unsure about giving this a shot, I wanted to say that I’ve been on the end of someone who has witnessed the worst case scenarios. Undercover cops, escorts who never show up, the whole nine yards…

I thought this was all fun and cute, but needed a little bit more. Particularly, less risk of collecting a police record. As I’ve gotten older and become more involved with my career, there have been countless times where someone who knew me more than the 2 hours I paid for would have been great. A buddy of mine told me to try sugar dating, and it turned out to be the best of both worlds.

There’s someone out there who I can give a heads up whenever I need to make an appearance or just want someone to get away with. That itch to travel never stops! All she asks in return is help with a couple bills or a shopping trip here and there to keep her dolled up. And I don’t mind that at all! I like seeing my money going to someone worth the time, and I tell you, she’s worth the time.

I’m not saying the first girl I sent a message to, boom, that was it. It took a couple of dates, but I did find her and it’s been cool so far. She doesn’t hassle me or nag me. I ask her what she needs, and then follow through on my end. She’s young, she’s got a great body, and my bedroom is wrecked every time she sleeps over. I am NOT complaining!!

I encourage any new HD member to give the site a shot. Ditch the iffy escorts and been-everywhere prostitutes. Go for a gal who’s trying to work towards something. There’s ladies on here who are finishing school or well-invested in a career. They understand that in exchange for their time, you help to make their world a little bit sweeter.

So get out there. Have some fun.



Thanks for the thoughtful advice Michael! Continue sending in those stories. You could be the next member we feature. We hope that Honey Daddy continues to help each of you find your piece of sugar bliss.



What advice would you give to those who are new to the sugar bowl?


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