Sugar Meets Wealth in Orlando

Cara modeled by day and worked as a waitress by night. She always knew that she had great looks, but constantly found herself wondering if she could do more with her life. She daydreamed about modeling in places like Paris and Milan, but knew she only made enough to barely make ends meet in pricey Orlando.

James is the CEO of a chain of fine restaurants. He frequently found himself traveling back and forth from sunny Orlando to Europe and Asia. His schedule was constantly filled with business meetings and formal business dinners. James appreciated being able to live a busy life, but craved having a no-strings relationship.

Fitting a Busy Schedule

Cara’s dating life consisted of on-the-go photographers and Orlando’s hottest models who were living paycheck-to-paycheck just as she was. Cara wanted to date someone mature, well-traveled, and who could help shift her focus from barely paying the bills to enjoying life. Sugar was a natural calling for someone needing relief from a stressful schedule.

Meeting Cara was the first time Mark had considered a chance at romance. He had divorced three years ago, but felt that he was ready for a casual relationship with low demands. He appreciated that Cara would clear an entire 3-day weekend to take off to Paris with him. He also enjoyed treating her to luxe shopping and pricey dinners just to see her smile.

Finding The Right Match

A few months into dating James, Cara found herself more focused on her career. Less time bussing tables at her bar gig meant more time during the day to focus on attending modeling events and booking gigs with overseas photographers as she tagged along James’ travels. James showed her that by sharing her time, he was ready and willing to make her pricey dreams come true.

Cara encouraged James to enjoy life again. He was glad to actually have time for a sex life, and it felt good to see an occasional “hey handsome” text from Cara. She showed him compassion and was open to impromptu plans the night they kissed under the Eiffel Tower. Relieving Cara’s need to constantly make ends meet allowed them both to share pressure-free sugar satisfaction.

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