Millionaire Sugar Dating for Keeps

There are those who seek sugar for casual rinsing behaviors—accompanying wealthy men for gifts and funds with no expectation of a long-term relationship. And there are those who not only sugar, but seek Millionaire Dating opportunities that become marriage, live-in arrangements, or long-term connections.

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Once you land your Sugar-Daddy-warbucks you have to learn to play for keeps. Here are some tips to show Daddy his sugar may be sweet, but he will never find another Sugar Babe like you.

Connect with his interests

Men of wealth often come with expensive hobbies. If he’s into weekly golf course visits, connect with ladies at the golf club. Show him that you’re willing to fit with his lifestyle and the hobbies he loves.

Keep communication open

Many Sugar Daddies have been involved in prior marriages or long-term commitments. If something feels odd, or you notice a bad habit that’s getting worse, don’t let it fester. Keep your guy in the loop.

Keep your own thing going

Any guy would more than appreciate a girl (or guy) who has their own career, business, or personal interests. This shows your Sugar Daddy that you can stand on your own two feet with or without his sugar funds.

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The Millionaire & the Sugar Romance

Some who find successful Millionaire romances using Honey Daddy wonder how to keep the flame going. We believe that each relationship is different, but here are some tips to keep Daddy asking for more

Make sex effortless

The “moment” can spring at anytime. If you know your guy has had a rough week, show him a little extra affection by rubbing his shoulders as he gets dressed or offering a bit of tease while riding in his limo. He will more than appreciate your effort!

Don’t let things get boring

Transitioning from his occasional escape from reality to his day-to-day partner can easily leave room for a lull. Keep things interesting by leaving him cute love notes enclosed in his laptop. Or try sending a playful text now and then.

Sometimes less is more

Sexuality crosses into more than just sex, sometimes the tease or idea of coming home to you in barely there negligee can turn him on more than just going for a home run. Learn to seduce and make him desire. This drives passion and keeps his eyes—and wallet—focused on you!

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