Sugar Baby Intro Guide

Man and woman in a restaurant enjoying a glass of wine

Sugar Baby members seek the life of luxury. Aspiring models, college students, entrepreneurs, single moms, mentor seekers, or those who simply desire a mature platonic relationship find that Honey Daddy fits the bill. Wondering if you’re ready for the Sugar Bowl? Here are some tips to get you started:

Be open to learning about your Sugar Daddy

Like any relationship, you’ll want to know what makes him tick, what gets him excited, and where your relationship would fit in his busy lifestyle.

Appearance is key

Messy hairdos and over the top makeup will not make the cut. 60% of the Honey Daddies in our community prefer a Honey Baby who takes care of herself body and mind. Upgrading your lovelife could also mean introducing a brand new you!

Less is not always more

Be aware of the places your Sugar Daddy takes you. Skimpy clothing is likely not best for an upscale 5-star restaurant. Or if he’s invited you to the golf course to meet his pals, make sure the cut of your skirt isn’t going to draw attention from anyone but your Sugar Daddy.

Sugar Baby Gifts and Allowances

If you’ve read anything about Sugar Bowl dating, you’ll likely know that gifts and allowances are a common piece of the equation. The key to receiving the gifts or allowance you deserve is to be upfront. This could include a mix of allowance and gifts, gifts only, or strictly allowance.

You should communicate what you’re already doing to support yourself, and how much is needed to make life comfortable. It also helps to explain that any extra time you have to bus tables means less time spent with Daddy.

By establishing your needs and how much your POT or Potential Sugar Daddy is willing to provide, you’ll find that all you need and more will be provided!

Ditch the Salt. Join Honey!