Sugar Daddy Intro Guide

"Sugar Daddy" is more than a title in our community—it’s a lifestyle. Affluent and successful individuals find that the members of our site understand the needs of a successful Sugar Daddy.

Additional perks of sugar dating include:

Sugar Daddy Types

Sugar Daddy perks sound pretty sweet, right? To make sure we’re both on the same page, we’ve outlined the different Sugar Daddy types. Starting with the real deal of course!

Genuine Sugar Daddies

• Finances are organized and budget is well-defined

• Capable of supporting one or more Sugar Babies

• Respectful to Sugar Babies

• Communicates all expectations clearly and upfront.

Splenda Daddies

• Finances are disorganized, and often exaggerated or lied about.

• Unable to follow-through on an arrangement as promised.

• Not clear about expectations or ability to provide upfront.

• Good intentions, but generally unable to support a Sugar Baby.

Salt Daddies

• Wealthy, but not entirely willing to share the sweet stuff.

• Disrespectful personality, not displaying genuine kindness to anyone he encounters.

• Not clear about the boundaries of his marriage or additional sugar relationships.

• Expresses little to no interest in desires of Sugar Baby, sex-driven only. (Honey Daddy does not allow escorts!)

Sugar Daddy Arrangements on Your Terms

Honey Daddy understands that those who are in high profile positions, divorced, seeking discreet affairs, or involved in an open marriage value their privacy.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your Honey Daddy experience:

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