Prostitution vs. Sugar Dating

When you look up the term prostitute the name Honey Daddy will not be there! A prostitute is someone who explicitly exchanges sexual services for cash. Our community shares the thought that Sugar—like everyday dating—does not fit that definition.

The benefit of Sugar dating is that one individual in the relationship has a bit more buying power. A Sugar Daddy (or Mama) desires to make sure their Sugar Baby has access to the same luxurious lifestyle that they are fortunate enough to have.

Honey Daddy is home to verified Sugar Babies and Daddies seeking genuine sugar connections. Prostitutes and escorts are not allowed in our unique community.

No Escorts Allowed

The Honey Support Team spends countless hours vetting member accounts. That means verifying each profile against an ever-growing database of confirmed escorts and flagging profiles that solicit pay-for-play or P4P services.

We believe that maintaining a prostitute-free standard keeps our site ahead of the competition. Don’t waste time chatting with women who are not interested in real relationships. Connect with real people thanks to Honey Daddy!

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